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thnx for visiting this crappy site, too lazy to do anything (that's why this site is so simple)...zzzs
---2017 / 08 / 24---
Back from the dead!!!
I have been streaming still and I finally decided to update this website a bit.
Feel free to check out my gallery (still updating it atm)
Don't forget to check out my stream, I have been playing DST lately, along with more 2hu =]
---2016 / 09 / 14---
While my 3ds is being fixed (prolly will take another 2 months or so...) I am gonna be streaming many other things.
I have been drawing lately, and of course doing lots of touhou related stuff.
And oh yea, starting tomorrow, persona 5 stream :P
if you guys haven't yet, follow me on twitter but don't expect anything =]
---2016 / 01 / 11---
Just came back from Monster Hunter Festa 2016 yesterday. It was super crowded but was still loads of fun!
Feel free to view my photo album from my gallery from it ^^
---2015 / 11 / 26---
I'm back from the dead! I am ready to stream some Monster Hunter X starting this weekend.
I hope y'all stop by and say hi =]
---2014 / 10 / 15---
I finally started to upload some vids to my youtube account
I also have been streaming MH4G gameplay via twitch lately if you guys are interested... =]
---2014 / 09 / 20---
went to TGS 2014 today! way too many all I did was take a ton of pix
speaking of pix, check the album page of this website! you can now view some pix I took during c86 and TGS there ^^
I might set up my 3ds for streaming next week or so... so yea, for prepping of nolifing mh4g, lol
as for my projects...still on hold as usual, hahaha ^^;
---2014 / 08 / 15---
it has been almost a year since I have picked up my pen...
always been wanting to update this site more, but alas, I get distracted by watching random stuff on TV
...and oh yea, work (but it's summer vacation now! *looks for more excuses)
well I have been writing the algorithms and script for my game during work so...that's something ゚+。:.゚ヽ(*´(OO)`)ノ゚.:。+゚
---2013 / 10 / 06---
well that's that, i fell in the red again as usual ^^
it was cool though... the next monhan event will be in the winter comiket
(i forgot to pick up the packet during the summer comiket so i'm out...)
anyway, i might take a break from writing mangas and doujins...
maybe i'll focus on tons of my unfinished flash projects and games
...or waste my time playing games and getting distracted? look a tassel!
---2013 / 10 / 02---
gonna be no sleep for the next 2 days finishing this thing!
i should pull through this even though it will look like crap!
i blame mh4 for wasting two of my weekends... hahaha ^^;
---2013 / 09 / 16---
well anyway, i'm working on my new book at the moment... it's for the monster hunter
genre only event in the sunshine creation 61 at ikebukuro... gonna need to do some all-nighters!
i also just recently bought the mh4 bundle but i don't think i'll be playing anytime soon...
---end of update---
anyway, feel free to check the monster hunter blog「グローバルモンスターハンターズブログ by kino and her tumblr website
you can check my
pixiv page I suppose...
or maybe check my
fc2 blog and tumblr, but i dont really write much (any)...
you can also check my new dead
deviant art page...
anyway, feel free to friend me on those (i need friends... ; ;)
i also have a
guestbook「ゲストブック」 in this site
just a heads up, most of the stuff here are old...never updating soon I guess? w

here is a feed for my streaming (mostly gaming), if anyone wanna see ... w link Good Counter